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5 Best Dendro Team Comps In Genshin Impact 3.0 2022

5 Best Dendro Team Comps In Genshin Impact 3.0 2022

If you’re looking to try out a new team in Genshin Impact 3.0, you’re in luck. In this article, we’ll be discussing the 5 best dendro team comps in the game. Whether you’re looking to try out a new playstyle or just want to see what the fuss is about, these teams are sure to give you a good time.

1. Bloom Freeze Team

This squad can resolve this issue by adding a single Cryo character into its lineup. As a Cryo doesn’t stand to Dendro at all, players can opt to freeze at any time without breaking their synergy. Kazuha Sucrose is here to act as a damage buff with their EM boost. Any Hydro character availing itself of Infusion can be used to play as an exceptional damage dealer for this group – such as Koko.

2. Quicken Team

2 Dendro and 2 Electro is the top team for using this pattern patch. While the Decay adjustment has two distinct qualities, however, they’re essentially the same – one repays flat Dendro destruction while the other repays flat Electro harm. As opposed to the gnomesphipher that can also react with Ember, the Decay effect can be easily accomplished with two compounds and therefore more pleasant to work with.

If you qualify for two Dendro’s, we recommend that the main DPS carry both the Gilded Dreams set and Deepwood Memories set.

Tighnari support

If players use only Electro characters as primary DPS heroes, spam the ability of Dendro first then the Electro characters to overwhelm and deal damage. The thunderstorms triggered by all three Dendro characters so far are used to create a D rn field, making them a rock-star diversion from battle. The top five heroes in the battle are the Raiden Shogun  Yae Miko combo.

Raiden will be an important part of the Thundering DPS along with supporting all other heroes. Yae will be the support for Burst damage and turrets so Japan can quicken. Players can add an Electro character to the Anemograph group of Kazuha or Sucaria. The setup pioneer will help them to reduce RES damage as well as Swirl Electro for reduced RES.

Tighnari DPS

The version of this talent that replaces the poolside Sub DPS role at Tighnari with restricted Charged shots from Tighnari is called Tighnari DPS. Classical Electro Applicators like Fischl and Kuki Shinobu offer less support for this DPS alternative.

You can change out one Electro or Dendro support to another utility character like Zhongli or Kazuha. Just remember that the support character has an element that won’t act with Dendro or Electro to ensure there are not problems when transitioning combo. The main support choice is Kazuha, of course, with his additional EM boost as well as being able to carry the Venerer set.

3. Quicken/Hyperbloom Team

The faster-paced side of the team has an additional Hyperbloom Hyperbloom reaction. As host of this Hyperbloom team, players would simply place their Dendro-caliber turret, summon Rainswords dice, then attack with the Hypervelocity DPS (Keqing, Raiden Shogun, Yae…etc). The Hypervelocity and Hydro attacks will trigger.

For entry to this GM team, it is simple for its members to already have Xingqiu and a predicted DPS output. The previous slot, usually Kazuha Sucrose, is fairly flexible, as an substitute player is allowed for trigger functions more consistently.

4. Tighnari Bloom Team

Tighnari  Xingqiu Yelan  Cryo Support  Kazuha Sucrose While Tighnari is most effective in a Quicken team, he can also be useful in a Bloom Freeze team as the main DPS. With his powerful Dendro-charged shot, opponents become captivated by bloom fairly frequently. With help and support from Xingqiu Yelan and a Cryo support, players can implement an attack with stealth.

A couple of times per year, Kazuha Sugar and Super King are transplanted to spawn in dungeons to steal items and add EM to the reduce players. Players may replace them with a Dendro Electro security to increase morale.

Burgeon Team Thoma

: Childe : Dendro MC : Collei This team competitive focuses on creating a Dendro Core drive with a Main Hydro DPS and then triggering the Burgeon Matsumoto reaction from the off-field Pyro application of Thoma’s Elemental Weevil. The Dendro MC and Childe can do this fairly consistently, with the latter being Kato Unit of the team.

While Burgeon’s attacks do decent damage, they also damage the active character. Hence, Thoma can shield a participant, and the player will need to gather a set of Pneumon-Wkus EM if using her. Be careful not to burn the Dendro Traveler’s Lamp.