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5 best pets to gain ranks in Free Fire (March 2023)

5 best pets to gain ranks in Free Fire (March 2023)

March 2023 is here, and it’s the perfect time to get into the Free Fire game. If you’re looking to gain ranks in the game, having a pet can be a great way to boost your performance. Pets can provide players with several advantages such as movement speed, health regeneration, and even bullets! Here are 5 of the best pets that you can choose from to help you rank up in Free Fire: [List of pets]. 5 best pets to gain ranks in Free Fire (March 2023).


Pets in Free Fire 2023

The world of Free Fire is ever-evolving, and the introduction of 2023’s new pets has been met with excitement from all players. The five best pets to gain ranks in Free Fire this year are Astro, Rockie, Rony, Roby and Zero.

Astro is the perfect companion for those who want a pet that can stick by their side during combat. Its ability to detect incoming enemies makes it ideal for close quarters battles. In addition, its unique strength buff also increases damage reduction and movement speed in battle.

Rockie is an excellent choice for long-range fighters as it provides an extra boost to sniper scopes and weapons. It also enhances critical damage when equipped with a sniper rifle or bow. Another great feature of Rockie is its special defensive ability that reduces damage taken from explosions or other players’ attacks in certain game modes.

Rony provides special abilities which make it easier to locate enemies on the map as well as provide additional health regeneration abilities in battle situations. What sets Rony apart from others is its “Eagle Eye” ability which gives players enhanced vision range when scouting out enemy positions on the map screen prior to entering into battle mode.

Roby offers excellent offensive capabilities due to its high mobility rate and attack power bonus when using ranged weapons such as shotguns or assault rifles.

Pet 1: Panda

Pandas are one of the most popular and adorable pets in Free Fire. With their unique black-and-white coloration, they’re sure to stand out on the battlefield. They also have a special ability that grants players an extra 5% XP boost when equipped, allowing them to rank up quickly. Additionally, Pandas can be purchased from the Free Fire store for just 500 diamonds, making them one of the most affordable pets in game. For those looking for a great pet to help boost their ranking in Free Fire, consider getting a Panda!

However, there is more to owning a Panda than just looks and abilities. Pandas require regular care and attention in order to remain healthy and active. This includes providing adequate food and water as well as engaging them with games or other activities so they don’t get bored and lethargic. Additionally, like any other pet, Pandas need love and affection from their owners too – make sure you give your Panda plenty of cuddles and playtime!

Pet 2: Rockie

Rockie is a pet that can be obtained through the Friend Voyage event. It is a single-use pet, meaning it will not be available to use again after being deployed in battle. Rockie has its own unique abilities which make it extremely useful for players who use Free Fire to rank up.

One of its abilities is called “Bone Armor”, which increases the user’s armor penetration by 8%. It also grants increased mobility and reduces recoil when using weapons with high recoil rates. In addition, Rockie has an ability called “Force Field” which increases the user’s accuracy by 6%. Finally, it has a passive ability that gives players an extra 5% chance of getting headshots with all weapons they use in combat. With these bonuses, Rockie can help players get more kills and gain ranks faster in Free Fire matches.

Pet 3: Beaston

Beaston is a new pet introduced in the Free Fire game in March 2023. It is a fierce creature that you can use to gain ranks in the game. It will follow you around and protect you from enemies while you are playing. Beaston has an active skill called ‘Shred’ which increases your movement speed by 15%. With this skill, you will be able to move faster than ever before and outrun your opponents easily.

In addition, it also has passive skills like ‘Vampirism’, which gives you HP regeneration when attacking enemies and ‘Taunt’, which provokes enemies to attack it instead of attacking you. This makes Beaston one of the best pets available for gaining ranks in Free Fire!

Pet 4: Hawk

Hawks are an increasingly popular pet in Free Fire, with many players using them to gain ranks. Their small size and impressive speed make them ideal for scouting missions, allowing the player to quickly find enemies and set up ambushes. They also have the ability to fly higher than any other pet, giving a better vantage point for tactical decisions. Hawks are highly agile creatures that can quickly dodge incoming fire and help its owner stay safe during battles.

Training a hawk is not easy, however. It requires a lot of patience and dedication as well as knowledge of their behaviour patterns in order to be successful at it. Players should invest time into researching how different species of hawks behave in order to get the most out of them as pets.

Additionally, they need access to plenty of open space where they can practice flying before taking on actual battle scenarios. All these factors make training a hawk difficult but rewarding if done correctly, making it one of the best pets available for players looking to gain ranks in Free Fire.

Pet 5: Robocop

Robocop is the fifth best pet to gain ranks in Free Fire. Robocop was added to the game on March 13, 2023 and it delivers a unique gaming experience. It is an AI-controlled robot which can assist players by providing them with useful information during their battles. This robotic pet can provide players with valuable stats such as enemy position and alerting them when an enemy is nearby, making it invaluable for teamplay strategies.

In addition, it also has a special ability that allows players to spot enemies more easily and quickly looks up possible targets while they are hidden behind cover or walls. The Robocop is equipped with multiple weapons including guns, missiles, lasers and even a flamethrower making it capable of taking out many enemies at once. Its advanced AI makes it one of the best pets in Free Fire since its quick reactions make up for any mistakes made by the player using it.

Pros & Cons of Each Free Fire Pet

Pets in Free Fire serve a variety of purposes, from providing stat bonuses to helping players find loot faster. The five best pets to gain ranks in the game are Detective Panda, Mr. Waggor, Ottero, Falco and Robey. Each pet has its own unique pros and cons that should be considered when selecting which one to use for rank-grinding.

Detective Panda increases your running speed by 10% and also provides items from airdrops when you are near them longer than other players. It is great for quickly moving around the map as well as gathering supplies before anyone else can reach them. However, its luck-based mechanics mean that it may not always provide useful items or enough of them for an entire team.

Mr Waggor increases the amount of experience points gained by 5%, making it a great pet for those looking to level up quickly. Its ability also affects allies nearby so it can be used to boost their progress as well. However, it takes some time before its effect is noticeable and doesn’t apply while players are standing still or scouting out enemies in safe zones without engaging in combat. 5 best pets to gain ranks in Free Fire (March 2023).

Ottero increases the size of backpacks by 10%, meaning more weapons, ammo and healing items can be carried at once without having to return to spawn points as often – even if they die multiple times during matches!