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Ajjubhai vs. Aditech: Who has better Free Fire MAX stats in 2023?

Ajjubhai vs. Aditech: Who has better Free Fire MAX stats in 2023?

With the world of e-sports growing exponentially, two of the most popular and successful Free Fire players are constantly competing for the top spot. Ajjubhai and Aditech have been pushing each other to become the best since their humble beginnings in 2020. Both players have made a name for themselves by dominating on the battlefield and getting impressive stats in Garena’s Free Fire MAX game mode.Ajjubhai vs. Aditech: Who has better Free Fire MAX stats in 2023?


Ajjubhai & Aditech

Ajjubhai and Aditech are two of the most popular Free Fire content creators in India. As of 2023, they both have impressive stats on the MAX version of the game. Ajjubhai has an average kill rate of 6.2 kills per match and a win rate of 15%. On the other hand, Aditech has an average kill rate of 7.2 kills per match and a win rate of 16%. Both players have similar levels when it comes to their in-game accuracy with Ajjubhai having an accuracy rating of 34% while Aditech’s is 33%.

When it comes to weapon selection, both Ajjubhai and Aditech prefer using assault rifles for close range fights, SMGs for mid-range battles, and shotguns for long-range engagements. However, Ajjubhai seems to favor sniper rifles more often than Aditech who tends to use pistols more frequently in his gameplay. In terms of movement speed, Ajjubhai is slightly faster than Aditech as he makes use of his crouch-walking skills effectively during battle scenarios.

Overall, both players have similar stats when it comes to Free Fire MAX but Ajjubhai seems to be slightly ahead due to his higher kill rates and weapon selection preferences that suit him best according to his playstyle.Ajjubhai vs. Aditech: Who has better Free Fire MAX stats in 2023?

Ajjubhai’s Stats: 2023

In 2023, Ajjubhai’s overall stats in Free Fire MAX have increased significantly. His solo win rate has jumped up to 51.41%, average kills per match is 7.18 and his K/D ratio stands at an impressive 5.42. This puts him far ahead of Aditech, who has a 45.49% win rate, 6.22 average kills per match and 3.58 K/D ratio respectively in the same year – showing that Ajjubhai has the clear edge over Aditech when it comes to Free Fire MAX performance in 2023.

Ajjubhai also leads the way when it comes to damage dealt per game with 1376 DPV compared to Aditech’s 1172 DPV for that year – which further illustrates how he is outperforming his rival in this category too. Additionally, Ajjubhai’s headshot accuracy is also better than Aditech (24%) at 27%. This proves that he is consistently hitting more headshots than this adversary while playing on MAX mode as well, giving him an advantage in terms of damage dealt and eliminating opponents quickly due to these accurate shots landing frequently throughout matches played on this platform in 2023 by both gamers.

Aditech’s Stats: 2023

Aditech’s stats in 2023 have been off the charts. His K/D ratio stands at a staggering 16.72, and his win rate is at 56.48%. He has 3568 kills to his name, after playing only 4058 matches. He has also managed to get an average damage per match of 591, with a total damage of 2M+.

Aditech is known for being able to dominate any map he plays on, using tactics that have been developed from hard experience and knowledge acquired through his years of playing Free Fire MAX. He often utilizes cover spots, smoke grenades and Molotov cocktails to gain an advantage over opponents in the battlegrounds. It is no wonder why Aditech has come to be seen as one of the best players in Free Fire MAX in the world today!

Comparison of Stats

Statistics are an important part of any online gaming experience, as they provide players with insight into their performance and how their gameplay measures up to others. When looking at two popular Free Fire MAX streamers Ajjubhai and Aditech, it is clear that both have impressive stats in the game. Ajjubhai has played a total of 1644 matches, winning 932 for an overall win rate of 56.7%. He has achieved a total of 6776 kills with a K/D ratio of 5.19 – one of the highest among professional players.

Aditech has also played 1644 matches, but his win rate stands at 50%, which is slightly lower than Ajjubhai’s. In terms of kills, he has racked up 7402 frags and boasts a K/D ratio of 4.76 – still incredibly impressive given that he is relatively new to competitive gaming compared to Ajjubhai who has been playing since 2019.

Both players have similar amounts of damage per match (DPm) and headshot percentage (HS%). However, when it comes to average survival time (AST), Aditech leads the way with 8 minutes whereas Ajjubhai’s AST is 7 minutes 17 seconds – almost half-a-minute less than his counterpart’s score. Overall, both these Free Fire MAX pros have impressive statistics in 2023; however, Aditech appears to be the better player when comparing their respective stats side by side.

Different Views on Winner

Ajjubhai is a popular Indian Free Fire content creator with over 19 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has been playing the game since its launch in 2017 and has consistently placed within the top 100 players in India. On the other hand, Aditech is a rising star in the Free Fire scene, having only started playing in 2021. While Aditech’s stats are impressive, many viewers still consider Ajjubhai to be superior due to his vast experience and knowledge of the game.

However, some argue that Aditech should be considered the “winner” of this debate as he has achieved more success despite starting later than Ajjubhai. His quick rise to fame coupled with impressive skill sets have earned him much respect among other players and fans alike. Furthermore, it could be argued that he will continue to grow as a player due to his younger age which means he still has plenty of years ahead of him for improvement.

Ultimately, there is no definitive answer as to who is truly “the better player” between Ajjubhai and Aditech; both have different strengths and weaknesses that make them unique individuals within the Free Fire community. It all comes down to personal preference when deciding who you prefer watching or looking up stats for as they both offer something different yet equally exciting experiences when playing Free Fire MAX in 2023 or beyond.