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Discover Which Characters Perform Best With Yelan In Genshin Impact And Why

Discover Which Characters Perform Best With Yelan In Genshin Impact And Why

In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best characters with Yelan in Genshin Impact and why.

Yalan is one of the more versatile characters in Genshin Impact. She has two abilities that can be used offensively or defensively, which makes her very versatile. Her first ability, Gekai Shiki, gives her an extra boost of attack power for three rounds. This is a good ability to use when facing off against stronger opponents and can be used to get in some extra damage. Her second ability, Gekai Nen, gives her the ability to take control of people. She can use this ability to get in close as well as using it as a way to dodge attacks while also getting some extra damage on the opponent.

these are the best characters to use with Yelan.

1. Yun Jin

2. Xingqiu

3. Yoimiya

4. Ayaka

5. Hu Tao

6. Raiden Shogun

Yun Jin

The Yun Jin Genshin Impact characters are some of the best that have ever been created. They are all unique and interesting, and they all have a lot of depth. This makes it possible for players to really get involved in the game, and to feel like they are a part of it.

The Yun Jin Genshin Impact characters become very powerful when use with Yelan. They can do a lot of damage, and they can take a lot of damage as well. This makes it possible for players to feel like they are in control, and that they can make a real difference in the game.


If you both have Xingqiu in your team, they both really good at their Burst usage. What you ought to take particular note of is the strategy also permits Xingqiu to use a ATK-based weapon instead of his Sacrificial Sword. Double Hydro applications make sure you clear Hydro with another reacting element, tightening it up and enhancing duels.


One of the best means during the character selection process of Yelan is by analyzing her tryouts. She seems best at using off-field Hydro Boost. Meanwhile, Yoimiya’s Pyro Natural Attacks become more effective with the amount of shots you receive. Yelan herself but also possesses a delicacy that gradually increases the damage inflicted.


Ayaka s Charge Attack will benefit from Yelan s Elemental Skill, which separator very powerful opponents. As the skill rises, these combined opponents will be able to be fatal for Adeya s Critical Eye.

Hu Tao

Other characters besides Yoimiya are essentially worth using with Yelan. As Yulan’s guardian, she is quite as good as Yoimiya at cooperating in a team setting.

Raiden Shogun

Raiden Shogun is an energy sponge when paired with Yelan, so it’s advised to engage her as your DPS when stacking her. Raiden Shogun will charge energy for Yelan when she activates her elemental burst.

How to use Yelan effectively

There are many different ways to use Yelan Characters effectively on Genshin Impact. One way is to use them for farming. Yelan Characters are great for farming because they have a lot of health and they deal a lot of damage. They can also easily kill mobs in a short amount of time. Another way to use Yelan Characters effectively is by using them in PvP. They can easily take down other players and they are very versatile characters. Lastly, Yelan Characters can be used for dungeon running. They are very good at clearing dungeons quickly and efficiently. Overall, Yelan Characters are extremely versatile and powerful characters that can be used in many different ways.