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Free Fire New Holi-themed Event items leaked (2023)

Free Fire New Holi-themed Event items leaked (2023)

The most awaited festival of the year, Holi, is just around the corner! For gamers and fans of Garena Free Fire, this means exclusive event items to be released as part of the celebrations. Excitingly, some leaked images from Free Fire’s upcoming Holi-themed event have been circulating on social media platforms! This article will explore what these new event items are and how players can get their hands on them. With the Holi-themed event now on its way, players can expect a new batch of unique avatar items and weapon skins. The leaked images reveal that there will be a total of nine avatar items and six weapon skins to be released during the event period.Free Fire New Holi-themed Event items leaked (2023).


Free Fire New Holi-themed Event

Holi, the festival of colors, is just around the corner. To celebrate this joyous occasion, popular battle royale game Free Fire is introducing a new Holi-themed event in 2023! Leaked images show that players can look forward to some exclusive rewards and items that come with it.

The leaked images show a variety of exciting rewards for players to collect and use. These include special skins for weapons like AKM and M4A1 as well as character avatars that are holiday themed. There are also festive bundles such as the ‘Colorful Holi’ bundle which offers an array of colorful clothing items including headgear, shirts and pants. Players can further customize their avatar by equipping them with special accessories.

Item Leaks: Skins, Gear, and Bundles

Item Leaks: Skins, Gear, and Bundles have become a popular topic of conversation amongst Free Fire players. With the upcoming Holi-themed event fast approaching in 2023, players are eager to find out more about what they can expect from the event items. Recent leaks suggest that a range of new skins, gear and bundles will be coming soon.

The new skins include two exclusive Avatar frames featuring bright colors for both male and female characters. In addition to this, there is also a special weapon skin called ‘Holi Blast’ which features bold colors with intricate details on the gun body. Players can also look forward to an eye-catching bundle set called ‘Holi Wish’, consisting of multiple outfits and accessories that perfectly capture the spirit of the festival season.

Diamond Royale and Weapon Royale leaks

The upcoming Free Fire Holi-themed Event in 2023 will feature two new and exciting game modes: Diamond Royale and Weapon Royale. Leaked information suggests that these two limited-time events will offer players an opportunity to win exclusive rewards like weapon skins, bundles, emotes, costumes and more.

Diamond Royales are said to be a spin on the classic Battle Royale format with some new features added in. Players will have the chance to acquire special Diamonds which can be exchanged for unique items from the event shop. Meanwhile, Weapon Royales are expected to offer players a host of never-before-seen weapons with exclusive skins attached. Not only this, but completing challenges in both modes could yield even more rewards – such as Gold Coins or even character upgrades!

Weapon Skins: Customizable Arcs, Tracers

Weapon Skins: Customizable Arcs, Tracers have become increasingly popular in the gaming community. With the next Free Fire event – Holi-themed – just around the corner, several new items have been leaked that will allow players to customize their weapons with a variety of arcs and tracers.

For those unfamiliar with weapon skins, they are a type of cosmetic item that can be equipped to change how your weapons look. Players who equip these skins will enjoy unique effects such as fancy tracers when firing their weapons and custom arcs as bullets fly through air. Furthermore, these skins add an extra layer of flair and individuality to your character’s overall look in-game.

With Free Fire introducing this new range of customizable arcs and tracers for Holi-themed event items, fans will no doubt be extremely excited to try out all the different styles available to them!

Pet Skins: Holi-themed Animals

As Holi festivities approach, the popular mobile game Free Fire is gearing up for a new event. Early leaks suggest that players will be able to acquire special pet skins in honor of the Holi festival.

These pet skins are designed to resemble characters from Indian folklore with bright, vibrant colors and designs. Players will have the opportunity to purchase these exclusive skins at discounted prices during the event. The event is set to launch on March 18th and will feature 4 pet skins: Kumbh, Garena, Arjun, and Radha. These pets are sure to bring excitement as they come alive in their unique colorful forms!

The upcoming Holi-themed event promises festive fun for all Free Fire players as they experience an entirely new level of gaming with these exclusive pet skins.

Gear Items: Special Bonuses and Abilities

Gear Items: Special Bonuses and Abilities is an exciting new event for the popular battle royale game, Free Fire. Players will be able to purchase special Holi-themed gear items from the in-game store during this event. These items come with a variety of special bonuses and abilities that can give players an edge in combat.

The leaked information suggests that there will be two tiers of gear available during this event. The first tier includes items such as headgear, armor, vests, and backpacks which provide additional protection against enemy fire or environmental hazards. The second tier features more advanced equipment like special weapons and vehicle upgrades which grant extra damage or speed boosts when used in battles. Additionally, some of these items may also include permanent stat bonuses once they are equipped by a character.

Bundle Deals: Cost Saving Packages

Bundle Deals: Cost Saving Packages

Are you looking for the most cost-effective way to get your hands on all the new Holi-themed event items in Free Fire? Look no further, as battle royale game developer Garena has just announced their new bundle deals packages. These bundles offer gamers not only a great value but also a chance to save big time on purchasing exclusive items.

Garena’s bundle deal packages include special discounts that can help players get multiple items at once and save up to 15% compared to buying them individually. Additionally, there are also limited-time offers available where users can receive bonus rewards when they purchase certain bundles.

Conclusion: Exciting Holi Event

The upcoming Holi-themed event for Free Fire players has been highly anticipated by the gaming community. After months of speculation, the official details have finally been revealed and fans are ecstatic. From new in-game items to rewards and challenges, this event will surely be one of the most thrilling experiences since its introduction in 2023.

This exciting new Holi event promises to bring an amazing array of rewards and challenges for all players who participate. Players can look forward to unlocking special skins, emotes, costumes and more as they progress through each challenge level. Additionally, users will be able to enjoy a variety of festive activities such as dancing around bonfires and engaging in traditional face-paint competitions.

Overall, this year’s Holi celebration is sure to be a blast!