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The most exciting FPS games for Android

The most exciting FPS games for Android

The year 2022 is shaping up to be a big year for first-person shooters (FPS) on mobile devices. Games like Apex Legends, PUBG Mobile, and Fortnite Battle Royale are all expected to see continued growth and popularity, which is great news for Android gamers. Here are the six most exciting FPS games for Android :

1. Apex Legends

Apex Legends is quickly becoming one of the most popular FPS games on mobile devices, thanks to its smooth gameplay and exciting combat mechanics. Apex Legends will be available to get on Google Play in early February, which means that game fans can start playing before the end of the year.

2. PUBG Mobile

The battle royale genre is one of the most exciting areas in gaming right now, and PUBG Mobile is leading the way. The game is now available for both iOS and Android devices, and with a current player count of over 50 million, it’s clear that the mobile version of PUBG Mobile has already become quite popular.

3. Dead Trigger 2

Dead Trigger 2 is a zombie first person shooter game for iOS and Android devices . The game is a sequel to Dead Trigger, which was released in May 2012.

4. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

The Call of Duty series is one of the most popular video game franchises in the world, and the latest installment, Modern Combat 5: Blackout, is no exception. Released in late 2014, the game has already been get by millions of gamers and continues to be one of the most played titles on mobile devices. The fast-paced action and realistic graphics make it a favorite among shooter fans, while its simple controls make it easy for newcomers to get into.

5- N.O.V.A. 3: Freedom Edition

N.O.V.A 3 is the latest game in the N.O.V.A series of games, and it is an excellent game. The graphics are good, the gameplay is fun, and the storyline is interesting. The game also includes a multiplayer mode that allows you to play with other people online. The Freedom Edition of N.O.V.A 3 includes some additional content that is not included in the regular version of the game, such as new weapons and vehicles. If you are a fan of first-person shooters, then you should definitely check out N.O.V.

6- Critical Ops

Critical Ops is a fast-paced, tactical FPS built for mobile. Experience the intensity of modern terrorist warfare as you fight a critical strike operation as a counter-terrorist or aim to cause destruction as a terrorist. Fight for domination across the world’s most iconic locations in iconic vehicles.

With state of the art graphics, intuitive controls, and lightning-fast gameplay, Critical Ops sets the new standard for mobile FPS games.

fps game vs rpgs game

The debate between first person shooters and role playing games is one that has been around for years. Some people feel that FPS games are the best way to spend their time, while others find the slower paced RPGs to be more enjoyable.

There are a number of reasons why people might prefer one type of game over another. FPS games typically involve more action and quick decision making, while RPGs often require more strategic thinking and planning. Additionally, many people find the storylines in RPGs to be more engaging than those in FPS games.

On the other hand, FPS games can be more exciting and thrilling, particularly when played online with other people. They can also be more social, as players can talk to each other during the game. This is not always possible in an RPG, where players may be spread out across different parts of the world.